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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why the extreme need for power or wanting to be in control ???

Lately,with the current political situations brewing in the world, first in Egypt and then in Libya and many more rearing to escalate, I have closely been looking at the aspect of  people wanting to control or dominate others. Why is there a deep need in them for power and to prove ones superiority, grandoise and sometimes even omnipotence? It is often highly characterised by self-love. Though it is considered healthy to care about your own well-being and have a healthy self esteem when someone loves themselves to the exclusion of all else and others become objectified to be used only to serve the self, this is no longer considered healthy or normal. What triggers this? Is it normal? When does this behaviour classify as unhealthy? Does this always mean a psycological condition? How does one evaluate this? Is this curable?

Here are a few clinical terms which I came across while researching this subject. I have tried to define and explain them in some detail along with available methods for treatment.


Adolf Hitler
Megalomania is an unrealistic belief in one's superiority, grandiose abilities, and even omnipotence. It is characterized by a need for total power and control over others, and is marked by a lack of empathy for anything that is perceived as not feeding the self. Although megalomania is a term often ascribed to anyone who is power-hungry, the clinical definition s that of a mental illness associated with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).
There are different psychological theories about how and why NPD develops, most of which relate to the integration of different aspects of ego and self as a child, and the nature of the parental roles in that process. Regardless of theory, NPD is characterized by extremely low self-esteem, which is compensated for by delusions of grandeur and megalomania, a narcissistic neuroses. With the propensity to act only on behalf of one's self, the unbridled need to feed one's ego, and the objectification of others to serve the power-hungry needs of megalomania, it is easy to see how this can be a recipe for disaster, especially when wrapped in a charismatic personality.
One of the most well known examples of megalomania in modern history was Adolf Hitler. A street waif, Hitler wasn't content rising through the ranks to become the military leader of Germany. His megalomania drove him to aspire to conquer the entire world. Being born into a "superior race" also wasn't enough for the mentally ill Hitler. Instead, he wanted to wipe out all other races. This need to destroy everything outside of what he perceived as an extension of himself is a classic though horrifically illustrated example of megalomania. Paradoxically, a person who exhibits such tremendous ego and self-confidence in reality has such low self-esteem and such a fragile ego that he cannot abide any expression other than his own, for fear of annihilation of the self. Therefore everything that is not under his control is perceived as a threat.
Among dictators, fundamentalists, and politicians we find those who view themselves as morally superior with the willingness to sacrifice, kill, or risk the safety of others considered inferior in order to assert their own agendas. Though there are legitimate circumstances in which leaders must exercise civil or military force, or religious zealots can profess solemn beliefs, the line between religiosity and fanaticisim between duty and megalomania, can be a gray one. This is how the term has become part of our culture's vernacular.
Megalomania is also sometimes associated with bipolar disorder; a depressive illness that is characterized by mood swings from extreme lows to extreme highs. During the latter cycle, people often suffer delusions of grandeur and feelings of infinite capability. They talk about unrealistic plans and goals as if these plans and goals are within their grasp.
While genocide is an extreme example, many serial killers may also suffer from megalomania. They objectify, then sacrifice their victims to exercise total control with a complete lack of empathy for the suffering of others. The principles or characteristics of NPD and megalomania can also be expressed in lesser degrees or in a different fashion by those we might consider more mainstream than genocidal maniacs and serial killers.
Schizophrenia, a mental illness characterized by delusions, hallucinations and extreme paranoia is also often found alongside megalomania. Psycotherapy and drugs can help cure and control these condtions.

The megalomaniac differs from the narcissist by the fact that he wishes to be powerful rather than charming, and seeks to be feared rather than loved. To this type belong many lunatics and most of the great men of history. Bertrand Russel


Narcissism is a psychological condition defined as a total obsession with self, to the exclusion of almost all other interaction with people. Narcissism is often characterized by a lack of empathy for others, an immature sense of humor, a compulsion to satisfy personal needs without regard for others, and sometimes sadistic or destructive tendencies towards other people. People suffering from narcissism can be extremely introverted in social situations, tending to avoid deep friendships or commitments to career or family.
According to a common psychological model used by psychoanalysts, almost all humans begin life with some degree of narcissism. After all, in a baby's world he or she is the most important creature alive, followed closely by the supportive giants known as parents. A baby or toddler has a significant number of physical and emotional needs, all of which should be addressed by the people surrounding him or her. This is how the world works, according to a two-year old child. Eventually, a healthy child will learn that the world is bigger than he or she is, and parents will not always satisfy selfish needs. Failure to learn this fact can lead to a condition called primary narcissism.
Early childhood or primary narcissism is thought to be part of the natural growth process, as children focus their energy and attention away from parents and towards an ever increasing subject/object world. If the child experiences a severe disappointment or senses abandonment, he or she may regress to the primary narcissism stage as a defense mechanism. For parents, this could mean a return to baby talk or demanding behavior until the child finds a way to deal with the traumatic blow to his or her self-worth. Hopefully, the child will learn to live with life's disappointments and grow into a responsible adult. For some people, however, an early lifetime of rejection by others can create secondary narcissism during adulthood.
It is this secondary narcissism which may be diagnosed as narcissistic personality disorder. Narcissism is primarily a defense mechanism, albeit with some socially damaging side effects for the sufferer. A narcissistic adult faced with the pressures of career, family and social interaction can literally implode psychologically, retreating to childhood behaviors such as primary narcissism.
The feelings of others no longer matter to a narcissistic personality. Other people simply live to serve, much like the role filled by parents during early childhood. When family members, co-workers, subordinates or friends fail to satisfy his or her needs, a true narcissist will most likely detach from them emotionally and become even more self-absorbed. Narcissism as a personality disorder can be treated through pscyotherapy, but many sufferers prefer to remain undiagnosed.


Schizophrenia is a mental illness that impairs one’s ability to perceive reality. It is often confused with split personality, to which it is not at all similar. Rather, those with schizophrenia can suffer from delusional thinking that can impair behavior and ability to live a normal and functional life.  Schizophrenia most often develops in young adults in their late teens. It is equally prevalent among males and females. Very rarely, schizophrenia may occur in early childhood. Additionally, late onset schizophrenia may occur in the elderly, possibly tied to dementia from Alzheimer’s disease, though this is not always the case. Most often, however, an older teen that has seemed relatively fine and healthy will begin to exhibit symptoms of the illness. Symptoms vary in prevalence and in persistence, and are a way of diagnosing different types of the illness.
Those suffering from schizophrenia may believe that they are invincible or all-powerful and thus cannot be hurt. This can cause them to act in ways that are dangerous to themselves or others. Conversely, those affected may believe that others are plotting against them, or that there is a subversive tendency by those around them to somehow harm the schizophrenic. Hallucinations are often present and fuel delusions. The schizophrenic may hear voices that are not there. They may also see things that don’t exist. These additional voices or visions may cause the schizophrenic to feel helplessly trapped, as he or she cannot distinguish between what is real and what is not real.
In many cases, schizophrenia can respond well to drug therapy. Medication, like anti-psychotics, can help alleviate some but not all symptoms. The patient is also taught to recognize that the brain will still produce some positive symptoms, and that these should be ignored.

Note :This article is just an overview to look into the psyche of these behaviours and may not be used as a diagnosis or prognosis for a condition in a person. Appropriate medical evaluations and tests may be needed for diagnosis and treatment.  NPD, megalomania, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia can all be treated with medications and psychotherapy.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mysticism - And its different form of expressions.

Mysticism is the pursuit of communion with, identity with, or conscious awareness of an ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or God through direct experience, intuition, instinct or insight. Mysticism usually centers on a practice or practices intended to nurture those experiences or awareness. Mysticism may be dualistic, maintaining a distinction between the self and the divine, or may be nondualistic. Differing traditions have described this fundamental mystical experience in different ways. Typically, mystics, theistic or not, see their mystical experience as part of a larger undertaking aimed at human transformation. Some of the common expressions used to express mysticism are: music, prose, poetry, dance, chants, devotion, yoga, selfless service, arts, awareness and consciousness etc.
meditating in the dhyanalinga temple
Mysticism without devotion is like uncooked food; it can never be assimilated.
Knowledge and heart are just like the positive and negative forces; it is these two things which make life balanced. If the heart quality is very strong and intellect is lacking, then life lacks balance. Knowledge and heart quality must be developed together. There are fine lights and shades in one's life that cannot be perceived and fully understood without having touched the deeper side of life, which is the devotional side.

Mystics of all ages have not been known for their miraculous powers or for the doctrines they have taught, but for the devotion they have shown throughout their lives.
Mystical Buddhist Stupa
The Sufi in the East says to himself Ishq Allah Mabud Allah which means 'God is Love, God is Beloved', in other words it is God who is Love, Lover, and Beloved. When we hear the stories of the miraculous powers of mystics, of their great insight into the hidden laws of nature, of the qualities which they manifested through their beautiful personalities, we realize that these have all come from one and the same source, whether one calls it devotion or whether one calls it love. The life of the mystics, both the inner and the outer, is shown as a wondrous phenomenon within itself. A mystic becomes independent of all earthly sources of life and lives in the "Being of God", realizing his presence by the denial of his individual self; and he thus merges into that highest bliss wherein he likely finds his salvation.

mystical poetry
Poetry is one of the most useful expressions of a mystic's inner experiences. By nature a mystic is able to access a state of consciousness that is beyond the usual awarenes of human's. At a certain stage mystics and great seekers have said it is impossible to describe the consciousness they have attained.  However through poetry it is possible for the mystic poets to give a glimpse of higher worlds, like a finger pointing to the moon there inspiring utterances offer a poetic description of their elevating experiences.
people dancing joyfully
Music, chants and dance have been commonly used as ways to glimpse other realities. From the Aboriginals of Australia, to the Shamans of the steppes of Russia; from the Sufis to the Hopis, we can find this search for the unknown through our intrinsic connection to sound. Although the musical styles, instruments and specific interpretations and cultural edifices around music and sound vary immensely, the basic truths remain constant. Music has always been a basic part of human culture, a basic building block of society, and a channel to achieve a deeper connection to ourselves and the universe.

health medical camp by doctors

Service as in selfless acts is another way to attain or relaize our ultimate nature. By perceiving that the ultimate resides in all and in serving one is making oneself a conduit in the ultimate will of the God. If one does their duties well and with sincerety the privileges will follow unasked.By doing service, you purify your heart. Sense of separateness is annihilated. Selfishness is eradicated. You get a broad outlook of life. You begin to feel oneness or unity of life. You develop a broad heart with broad, generous views. Eventually, you get Knowledge of the Self. You realise the 'One-in-all' and 'all-in-One'. You feel unbounded joy.

By its very nature, the mind is outward turned; it always tends to seek for the source of things among the things themselves; to be told to look for the source within, is, in a way, the beginning of a new life. Awareness takes the place of consciousness; in consciousness there is the "I", who is conscious, while awareness is undivided; awareness is aware of itself. The "I am" is a thought, while awareness is not a thought; there is no "I am aware" in awareness. Consciousness is an attribute while awareness is not; one can be aware of being conscious, but not conscious of awareness. God is the totality of consciousness, but awareness is beyond all - being as well as not-being. - quoted by a mystic.

Source of information WWW and  Wiki

Friday, March 18, 2011

Birds of the unfastened sky- ShivMangal Singh Suman

Flying birds in the free unfastened sky

I don't remember many poems I learnt in school, but got reminded of this one today- i think it was in our class VIII hindi textbook. Also reminds me of the bollywood song panchi, nadiya, pawan ke jhonke...

हम पंछी उन्मुक्त गगन के
By Shivmangal Singh Suman

हम पंछी उन्मुक्त गगन के
पिंजरबद्ध न गा पाऍंगे
कनक-तीलियों से टकराकर
पुलकित पंख टूट जाऍंगे ।
हम बहता जल पीनेवाले
मर जाऍंगे भूखे-प्यासे
कहीं भली है कटुक निबोरी
कनक-कटोरी की मैदा से ।
स्वर्ण-श्रृंखला के बंधन में
अपनी गति, उड़ान सब भूले
बस सपनों में देख रहे हैं
तरू की फुनगी पर के झूले ।
ऐसे थे अरमान कि उड़ते
नील गगन की सीमा पाने
लाल किरण-सी चोंच खोल
चुगते तारक-अनार के दाने ।
होती सीमाहीन क्षितिज से
इन पंखों की होड़ा-होड़ी
या तो क्षितिज मिलन बन जाता
या तनती सॉंसों की डोरी ।
नीड़ न दो, चाहे टहनी का
आश्रय छिन्न-भिन्न कर डालो
लेकिन पंख दिए हैं तो
आकुल उड़ान में विघ्न न डालो ।

English translation by revathy

Birds of the unfastened sky-
ShivMangal Singh Suman
We birds of the unfastened sky
Caged, we cannot sing
Battered against these golden bars
Break, shall the delicate wing.
We who breathe flowing waters
Shall die of hunger and thirst.
Far better is a bitter berry
Than grain in a golden cup.
Within these yellow prison bars
We forget our speed, our flight
And visit only in lucid dreams
Our open swings within trees.
Such desires and more to soar
beyond the boundaries blue
Devour the scarlet rays with beaks
And stars like grain, chew.
To blend with the horizon seamless
These wings shall thrash and throe,
To be one with that same horizon
Or only to be no more.
Pay no heed to the tree-bough
Destroy and wreck my shelter
but if these wings I am to have,
Do not distress these frantic flights.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Isha Vidhya - Because you Continue to Care.

Isha Vidhya, is a social outreach endeavor, started by Sadhguru to reach out to rural children to provide education to them on par with their urban counterparts.
Somewhere out there, is a child, waiting for you, to reach out and rewrite his destiny and give him a way out. Join hands with Isha Vidhya.

Together let us change the face of rural india.
Visit for more on how you can support

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yoga and it's four Paths

The Four Margas or Paths of Yoga...

The goal of life is to discover our true nature. It is usually called self realization or God realization.  Although this goal, our final destination, is one, there are many ways to reach it. People have different temperaments and accordingly, there are different techniques, yogas, to help them find the truth.

The truth is one but the paths are many.
Analogy of the Summit by Swami Vishnu-devananda
To better understand the concept you can picture a mountain with a summit. The peak of the mountain represents the spiritual goal, moksha. Now imagine there are four people standing on each side of the mountain. To reach the summit, the same destination, each person has to walk a different direction. Likewise, each of us symbolically stands at a different space, spiritually speaking, according to our temperament and personality, so each of us needs to take a customized path to the top.

Four Margas or Paths
From the explanation above, it is easily understood that, truly, there are as many paths as there are people. Practically though, there are a few hundreds of yogas, or practices which are categorized into the four main paths. These paths are:

Bhakti Yoga  
The path of love and devotion. The bhakta uses the combined energies of all emotions and transmutes them, sublimates them into the highest of all emotions: prem. Prem is pure, conditionless, divine love. For the bhakta, or devotee, the goal is pure love.
Bhakti Yoga appeals to the emotional temperament.
Devotees in devotional bliss
Karma Yoga
The path of selfless service. For the karma yogi, the main problem is our inherent selfishness which is based on spiritual ignorance, avidya. The key is to practice selfless actions without any selfish expectations, and thereby opening one's heart and seeing God in all beings. For the karma yogi, the goal is complete selflessness. Karma Yoga appeals to the active temperament.  

Krishna and Arjuna on the field of Mahabharata
 Kriya Yoga
The path of self control, discipline and self mastery. This yoga aims at purifying the physical and psychic systems The yogi controls his mind until it becomes perfectly still at which time there is no more wall between himself and his own divine nature. The main practice in this is meditation and Kriya yoga. For this yogi, the goal is perfect mind control.
Hatha Yoga is an essential support to this yoga besides meditation. Hatha Yoga called the physical aspect of yoga it works mostly on the psychic level. Besides its innumerable medical benefits, hatha yoga is essential support to Kriya Yoga and appeals to the Physically agile, mystical and scientific temperament.
Mediation session at Isha Yoga with Sadhguru
Jnana Yoga
The path of wisdom and knowledge. The jnani uses his will and power of discrimination to cut through the veil of ignorance and attain the truth.
For the jnani, the goal is absolute Truth.
Jnana Yoga appeals to the philosophical and intellectual temperament.

Jiddu Krishnamurty - Janana Yogi

Monday, March 7, 2011

Quotes from Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

If you are rooted in reality there will be no fear.
If you can joyfully accept the consequence, do what you want; if it is that you will cry when the consequence comes, better be conscious about what you do.

A genuine seeker, a person who develops an urge within, will always find his Guru. He may find it in a man, in a woman, or he may find it even in a rock. He will definitely find it somewhere, there is no doubt about it.
If a man is intelligent everything that happens is an opportunity; if a man is stupid everything that happens is a disaster.
Life is far beyond meaning, Life is beyond meaning and that's why it is so beautiful 
When you wanting to know some thing is so Intense that you are willing to die for it, then knowing is not far away.

The moment you make a conclusion, as to what should be at the other end, you are no more a seeker you are a vested interest.

You're just an imitation of what is around you, it's just that you don't imitate one person;you take bits and pieces of hundred people and make yourself.
Religions of the world are not bout one man’s belief against another, but an opportunity for all humans to reach to their common ultimate source.

 Spirituality is about acting out of your inner humanity, if you go deeper, you’ll be acting out of inner divinity. 

As many colors of the rainbow are an outcome of one pure light, many religions of the world are an expression of the same divine source. 
The fear is simply because you are not living with life, You are living in your mind. Whatever is your highest, you just contemplate upon that. Your inner and outer purity will happen naturally. 

Being with a Master is never comfortable, because He will break all your limitations, all your ideologies. 

Man needs  entertainment simply to hide his madness. If he was perfectly sane, he would not need entertainment. He could  just sit  and watch this bamboo grow. He does not really need entertainment

 Till something becomes a reality in our life, if we talk about it, it amounts to lying. The whole world is lying to themselves and to everybody about God. 

 People have come to the conclusion that body means pain. And yet, just the right food, practices and a little change in attitude, and this body becomes a miracle.

 Once the stillness comes into your life, then the mind also becomes absolutely still. When your mind becomes still, your intelligence explodes. 

 You can be deeply involved with everything, but still not be identified with it any more.  When your happiness is dependant upon what is happening outside of you, constantly you live as a slave to the external situation.

If you are truly a seeker of Truth, Truth can not hide from you. It is in the Lap of truth that you have happened. Most people who claim to be seekers are only seeking security, solace, or the fulfillment of their desires.

Do not try to live by morals, ethics, slogans. These are all very poor substitutes for awareness. Be couscious and aware, you will see life the way it is. 

 Just Desire the Hightest in Life. All Your Passions, direct them to the Highest. Even if you get Angry, direct it only towards Shiva. Even with your Passion, that's the way to do it.

 Every bit of energy that you have, you expend it by making it into desire, passion, fear, anger, and many other things. May be these emotions are not in your hands for now, but channeling them in one direction is in your hands. May be when you are angry then you cannot be loving, you cant suddenly turn your anger into love, but the anger itself can be directed.
 A humanity which has done nothing for its inner well being - how can it create external well being? How do you expect it to work? 

 Whenever you are happy, the real source of happiness is within you. It bubbles up. It is just that you are looking for an external stimulus to make you happy. 

The guru is someone who continuously punctures your ego, yet is your friend. If you really want better situations to live in for yourself and everybody, you must stop playing petty politics within yourself and around yourself. 

Only when you truly start seeking what is beyond the physical body, the spiritual processes open up for you. 

Positive thinking is about trying to escape reality. It’s about wanting to look at one side of life, and missing out on another. You may ignore the other, but the other will not ignore you. Right now, you can choose to ignore a black cloud in the sky, but it’s not going to ignore you 

  If you want to know the joy of activity, first and foremost thing is that you must know how to give yourself to activity with total abandon. 

The world is trying to do so many things. We're trying to go to the moon, to Mars, but, fundamentally, I feel the most important thing is human consciousness, the quality of life here. How happy we are here simply depends on how we are within ourselves.

Fundamentally, the only thing you can give is yourself. 

Blissfulness is not a rare visitor in your life, blissfulness is your constant companion, because that is the nature of your being. 

 Spirituality is about acting out of your inner humanity, if you go deeper, you’ll be acting out of inner divinity. 

As many colors of the rainbow are an outcome of one pure light, many religions of the world are an expression of the same divine source. 

 The word ‘guru’ means dispeller of darkness.

What you know as the highest, you just seek that. It doesn’t matter whether it is going to happen or not going to happen, simply living with the vision itself is very elevating, is itself very liberating, is itself a very joyous process for any person.

Every human being is a unique human being

When your Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) is based on hope and fear, you won't attain to anything.

Do your Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) joyfully, not with the hope of making it or the fear of not making it. Just do it joyfully.

You are not using your intelligence to reach the peak of your consciousness, to become peaceful and loving. You are using your  intelligence to drive yourself crazy.You know everything about the world, but you do not know anything about yourself. This is a ridiculous way to live.

Spiritual process does not mean looking up, or looking down, or looking around. It is about looking inward.

When it is no more about you, you can live your life and do your life in total abandon; because there is nothing to gain nothing to lose.

You being too involved with your mind and emotion means you are too enamored with your own creation, you have no time for the creation of the creator.

Because you do not know how to keep your systems in balance, because you can’t handle reality, you succumb to positive thinking. You want to skip the negative and just think positive. What you pursue will not be the strongest point in you. What you try to avoid becomes the basis of your consciousness. Positive thinking can have some psychological relevance, but no existential relevance whatsoever.

If you look at the organization, capability and the certainty with which a simple ant is conducting its life, you will see you are quite stupid.

Wanting to be special is a sickness, it is taking a huge toll on life. In trying to be special, people are doing all kinds of ridiculous things.

The greatest crime that you can do to humanity is to teach your children that suffering is a part of their life. You have taken away the possibility of them being joyous human beings.

In relinquishing the limited, the unlimited becomes yours, But the price is, what is YOU does not exist anymore.  

When who you are and what you are is not decided by any external forces, then you are in dignity.

If you are not half hearted, if you are a full blooded involvement with everything that you are doing you will see every simple thing is a miracle.

When you become meditative, you will see, your intellectual capabilities will increase many times more than what it is right now. Not because meditation makes you intelligent, but because meditation clears up the mess, the muck that’s gathered on the glass of the flashlight. As your meditation deepens, it just clears up the muck more and more and the flashlight becomes more and more powerful. It shows you things more and more clearly.

Whether we are talking about Kundalini or simple plain energy as in the English language, it's basically about raising ourselves to a higher level of energy. What you call 'life' itself is energy. So, if you want to function on a higher plane of life, you need a higher level, a higher quality of energy.

The contradiction within a human being is simply because he is trying to mentally figure out things that he has not experienced.

Only when people begin to thing beyond their own wellbeing, something beautiful is possible in the society.

Exploration is what is needed - not ideology. Ideology means you have made your summary of life. If life can be summed up, it is not worth living.

If you are aware that you are a nobody and you act out your role, this is enlightenment.

Only when you are truly happy, you can be concerned about somebody. When you are unhappy you are only concerned about yourself.

Once you know how to be aware, once the neccessary awareness - to be away from your own body, to be away from your own mind - has come to you, don't even bother about your karmas. Just see how to deepen this awareness.

We know how to go to the moon, but the tragedy is that we still do not know how to live on planet earth.

By fixing the outside, life can become comfortable and convenient. But human beings will not know well being unless they fix their interiority.

Once you have a thinking mind, a questioning mind, or a doubting mind, you should not talk about devotion. It just leads to enormous deception.

Confidence can do things for you but confidence without clarity is a big disaster on the planet.

The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing they are doing in their life.

Every human being is capable of living absolutely blissfully within himself. They have denied themselves this because they never looked at themselves.  

What you can do and what you cannot do outside is always a question of capability. But when it comes to the inside it is just a question of willingness.

If you can bring love into your breath, into your step, into every act that you do, not towards anybody or anything; if you can just bring the longing to merge with everything around you, then creation will lead you on to the creator.

The past experience of life is ruling you from within. Unless you break this karmic grip there is no such thing as freedom in thought and action.

Essence of spirituality is that we are constantly aware of the oneness of who we are, at the same time we celebrate the uniqueness of the individual.  

If you are not seeing life the way it is, you can only live by accident. You are a potential calamity and fear and anxiety is very natural.

Anything that does not enhance the possibility of life is of no consequence to the creation, or to the creator.

If you really pay attention to life, life will blossom within you. If you do not pay attention, you are somewhere else, then life could go wrong.

If you know that you are stupid, you wont attach too much importance to your thought. You will start looking at life and your intelligence will flower.

You claim that you love somebody, but if they dont fulfill your needs, you wont love them. I dont call this love, I call this mutual benefit scheme.

Everybody is making Choices; even their compulsions are their choices. Choices made in unawareness are compulsions. Let us say you get angry right now. It is your choice, actually, to be angry. Somewhere, you believe that's the way to handle the situation, but the choice is made in such unawareness that is is a compulsion; it's happening compulsively on a different level. So you are living by choice, but choices are made with out awareness - unconscious choices.

If you cultivate your body, mind, emotion and energy in the right direction, mediation will happen. It is not something that you do, it is a quality.

Everyday, twice a day if you are reminded that you will also die, then naturally you will move towards knowing higher dimensions of perception.

If your experience of life transcends the limitations of the physical, only then we can say you are spiritual.

Only if one makes himself available to higher and higher possibilies, then Grace can descend and do something that you yourself could never do.

If you have any intention of knowing or touching the ultimate in this life, then giving yourself in parts is no good.

A devotee has no other goal except to dissolve into his object of devotion. But you have your own personal agenda and still you call yourself a devotee.  

Everybody has their own understanding, ideas, opinions of the world. They know these are not worth anything, yet they are not willing to keep it down.

Your desires and passions are just like this. If you try and fight with them, if you chop them, they will spill blood, and with every drop, a hundred or a thousand will come up. There is no point fighting them. Just educate your passions, educate your desires to flow in the right direction, that is all. You can never fight them. Fighting them will be futile, it will be a waste of life. .

With every single action, consciously or unconsciously, people are trying to be happy. So one way, in this level of living, in this dimension of existence, happiness is the goal of everything that man is doing. But if you look at life, we have done so much in this world for our happiness. But all we have ended up with is creating more and more comfort and convenience-but not happiness.  

Without working on human consciousness, trying to change social or national or global realities means there is no serious intention.  

When we say everything is maya or illusion, maya does not mean it does not exist, maya simply means that you are not seeing it the way it is.

If YOU are not there, enlightenment is instantaneous. If YOU are there, you have to walk till you wear out. 

In reality there is only Now. If you know how to handle this moment you know how to handle the whole eternity.

When any being calls or really yearns, the existence answers. If the thirst within you is strong enough, God always answers. Higher dimensions of Awareness means Higher dimensions of energy. 

When you just look at the long term span of this creation, you are just a tiny happening. But you think too much of yourself, that is the biggest problem.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mahashivratri - The opportunity and possibility of knowing!

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

In the yogic tradition, Shiva is not worshipped as a God but considered as the Adi
Guru, the first Guru from whom the knowledge originated. For the ascetics that is
the day he became one with the Kailash; he became like a mountain - still,
absolutely still. After many millennia in meditation, one day he became absolutely
still; that day is Mahashivarathri. All movement in him stopped and he became
utterly still, so ascetics see Mahashivarathri as the day of stillness.

Shiva has always been referred to as Triambaka in so many ways because he has
a third eye. The third eye is the eye of vision. These two eyes are sensory organs;
they feed the mind with all nonsense because what you see is not the truth. You
see this person, think something about him; if you see that person it is something
about him, but you are not able to see the Shiva in him. These two eyes don’t see
the truth so another eye, an eye of deeper penetration, has to be opened up. In
this country, in this tradition, knowing doesn’t mean reading books, knowing
doesn’t mean listening to someone, knowing doesn’t mean getting information
from here and there. Knowing means opening up a new vision into life. So true
knowing means your third eye has to open up. If your third eye is not opened then
there is no way you can see Shiva. So this day, the Mahashivarathri day, that
possibility, nature is bringing it close. Everyday it is possible; it is not that you will
have to wait for this day. But this day nature offers it to you easily. - Sadhguru

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